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What You Need to Know About Alexa

If you are curious about the Alexa assistant, here’s what you need to know. This virtual assistant is a smart speaker developed by Amazon and is based on a speech synthesiser developed in Poland. It was purchased by Amazon in 2013 and first used in the Echo smart speaker and its companion products, such as the Echo Dot and the Studio. Its development was done in Amazon’s research lab, Amazon Lab126.

While Amazon has said it does not collect personal information, the company does employ a large number of people outside the United States to transcribe requests made by users of Alexa. Although the data is encrypted, it may include first names, device serial numbers, and account numbers. This means that your privacy is at risk. However, you can prevent Amazon from using this data by choosing not to allow it to access your voice recordings. You can also choose not to have your recordings used by third parties.

Amazon is always improving the Alexa technology. The company is now working on frustration detection features. Alexa will understand your tone and be able to tell if you’re frustrated or not. It will also learn when you’re tired and will respond with more helpful information. There’s no end in sight for the possibilities of this voice assistant! If you’ve been wondering about Alexa’s future, here’s what you need to know about the technology.

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