What is Graphic Recording?

If you’re looking for a way to make your events more engaging and memorable, graphic recording should be a perfect go-to. But to leverage this art, you need to understand what it’s all about. That’s why you want to keep reading to learn more about graphic recording.

So, What Is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is the art of translating real-time presentations and conversations into text and pictures. This information-capturing technique makes it easier for the attendees of a meeting or conference to digest the audio content of an event on a visual level.

When you use Graphic recording, also known as visual note-taking or scribing in your event, you can successfully enhance engagement levels, thus successfully achieving the objective of your event. You may hear graphic recording being referred to as graphic facilitation, but the reality is that there is a subtle difference between these two arts – more of that below.

Graphic Recording vs Graphic Facilitation

As mentioned earlier, it’s commonplace to hear the words graphic recording and graphic facilitation being used interchangeably.

While the two arts are closely related, there is a subtle difference between them. The main difference is that graphic recording takes a chronological approach and is real-time visual documentation solely from the graphic recorder, whereas graphic facilitation is founded on audience participation. In simple terms, a graphic recorder is the only player in the process, whereas a graphic facilitator is part of the players in the process.

The differences between these two arts make graphic facilitation best for smaller events where audience participation is easier, while graphic recording works best for larger events.

And even though there is a slight difference, it’s good to acknowledge the fact that graphic recording is actually a subset of graphic facilitation.

How Is Graphic Recording Done?

Graphic recording begins with having a graphic recording artist, also known as a scribe or graphic recorder in the meeting.

The artist or team of artists will listen carefully for the key points as they watch the event unfold. As they listen, they have to synthesize the points so that they can document them in visual form using words and images.

Traditionally, graphic recording is done on a huge bit of paper or board, and the artist will use pens of different colors for stressing purposes. The modern approach is to use tablets connected to huge screens.

And even though drawing on tablets works in a similarly effective manner, there’s just something about the traditional approach that helps the audience in an event to get a big kick out of it. 

When Is Graphic Recording Useful?

Graphic recording is useful in just about any event where there is a speaker, and illustration is required to increase the levels of engagement

Some people say that graphic recording distracts the attendees of an event to a point where they start focusing more on the scribe as opposed to listening to the speaker. 

Even if that were to happen, it would be better for the attendees to lose themselves in something that is fully relevant to the event as opposed to taking out their phones or looking out of the window.

Who Is Graphic Recording For?

Graphic recording is useful for businesses and organizations, whether large or small.

When creating events, your business or organization will have to expend a lot of funds and effort to create and run the event.

Graphic recording makes sure that such efforts don’t go to waste by delivering an extra visual element to bring the event to life and increase engagement levels. In addition to that, graphic recording ensures that there is a visual record of the contents of the talk that can be referred to later on

And it’s not only companies and organizations that would benefit from graphic recording. The reality is that even student-run events are capable of benefiting a lot from graphic recording.

Make Your Event More Engaging With Graphic Recording

Now that you know what graphic recording is and how valuable it is to the engagement value of your event, it’s time to take action.

By working with an expert graphic recorder from The Sketch Effect, you can make your event more interesting and memorable.

So make sure to tap maru gujarat this art for your next event and bear witness to the benefits it holds.


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