What Are The Different Kinds Of Alimony?

In many marriages, one spouse often earns less or no money because they primarily look after the household and children. However, after divorce, these spouses cannot be financially independent because of their lack of or limited monetary resources. They are entitled to file a request for spousal support during the process of finalizing the divorce. 

Alimony allows both spouses to maintain the standard of living they established during their marriage. The judge awards the alimony if the requesting spouse needs it and the earning spouse is capable of paying. An alimony attorney Wisconsin can assess your case and enable you to understand the kind of alimony you can seek after the divorce. 

The different kinds of alimony. 

  • Separation alimony. 

When couples separate, and one spouse does not have the finances to support themselves, the judge may order separation alimony. Depending on the outcome of the separation, the alimony changes. It will be stopped if they reconcile or change to a different kind if they decide to divorce legally.

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  • Rehabilitative alimony. 

This is usually short-term alimony. It is paid until the requesting partner can find the means to support themselves and any children they have financially. It allows them to learn new job skills, receive training, and complete their education to seek employment. Once they can earn a sufficient amount of money, the payment stops, but the exact duration depends on the individual’s unique circumstances.  How can you know about best website and more best online webmagazine420.comvisit this site.

  • Compensatory alimony. 

The judge may order this type of alimony when one spouse has made a significant contribution to the other’s earning capacity or sacrificed their earning capacity to support the other. For example, one spouse may have quit the workforce for several years to care for the family, which puts them at a disadvantage financially after the divorce, while the other could utilize that time to advance their career. However, it is not awarded commonly. 

  • Lifestyle maintenance alimony. 

This alimony aims to enable both spouses to enjoy the standard of living they maintained during their marriage. Experts analyze their income, expenses, and spending habits to understand their financial lifestyle pre-divorce. The right alimony amount is calculated based on these factors. It is usually awarded for marriages that have a long duration. It is the most common type of alimony. 

Alimony can significantly impact the state of your future financial security. Your lawyer in Wisconsin enables you to determine the kind of alimony you can seek and ensures that you receive the alimony you deserve. 

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