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Plus Size Sustainable Clothing

There are a number of positive aspects to the sustainable fashion movement. However, many plus-size consumers are left out of the equation. While many sustainable clothing brands do carry plus-size options, these products are available in limited sizes. Sustainable plus-size clothing brands need to be proactive in expanding their markets to cater to the growing needs of plus-size customers. Here are some tips to find plus-size sustainable clothing brands:

The brand Alice Alexander is an excellent option for those interested in plus-size sustainable fashion. Founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, this brand makes plus-size women’s apparel available to everyone. Their range of sizes ranges from 2XS to 10XL. The company is proud of their commitment to fair labor and ethical manufacturing practices. This company does not use any sweatshops in production. Instead, each garment is produced using only natural fabrics and fair-trade practices.

Eileen Fisher is another plus-size sustainable fashion brand worth checking out. The company’s mission is to care for people and the environment, and they do this by ensuring that their production partners follow ethical practices. It also sells sizing up to 3X. Another good option is Birdsong, a sustainable plus-size clothing brand based in the UK. Birdsong uses eco-friendly fabrics and reclaimed materials to create unique plus-size clothing.

Other plus-size brands offering sustainable clothing include Alder Apparel. The brand partners with ethical factories and offers fair prices. Moreover, you can check the factory where the plus-size garments are made by examining their online website. The brand also offers a second-hand clothing section. All the products are high-quality and affordable. The company is committed to creating plus-size sustainable fashion for the entire world. There is something for everyone!

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