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Mental Health Related TV Shows That Everyone Should Watch

The media we see, especially TV and movies, greatly influence who we become. Additionally, although it was not a problem that was spoken about much in the past, mental health is now addressed as a genuine issue, and assistance is easier to get. There are a number of TV shows that cover mental health in a very humorous manner. The main characters resolve their problems and we see them develop into better beings.

The TV shows discussed below are for you if you want to watch something that talks about mental illnesses and shows you how to overcome them.

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In the comedic drama Fleabag, a cynical woman named Fleabag tries to navigate life with no filters. The television show, which is based in London, talks about how Fleabag has no filters and is attempting to deal with sorrow. While she tries to recover, she rejects others who try to assist her because she is hurt, angry, and grieving. Even though it deals with a lot of serious topics, it has a comedic core and makes light of real-world challenges and insecurities.

Jessica Jones

The television series Jessica Jones centers on the superhuman woman Jessica Jones from the Marvel comics, who becomes a private detective after killing someone. The episode discusses Killgrave’s resurgence and how she must stop him. There are two further seasons with the same cast but a different narrative or scenario. In addition to having a Marvel-related backdrop, the episodes discuss mental health and how Jessica manages PTSD.

Normal People

Normal People is a TV series that ran from 2011 to 2015. It is set in the post-2008 Irish economic crisis. The TV show’s plot centers on the friendship and romance of two teens, Connell and Marianne, during their last weeks of secondary school in County Sligo, Ireland, and their subsequent years at Trinity College Dublin. With Connel’s panic attacks and Marianne’s struggles with self-esteem, the show extensively discusses mental health issues.

Never Have I Ever

Devi Vishwakumar, a high school student entering her sophomore year of study, is the focus of the show Never Have I Ever. Devi becomes paralyzed and unable to use her legs after her father dies. She is desperate for popularity and attempts to make her sophomore year memorable after eventually getting back on her feet. However, things don’t exactly go as planned. She struggles with major anger issues and exacerbates matters for both herself and those around her.

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is a comedy-drama that is set in the satirical pun-filled metropolis of Hollywood, California. BoJack Horseman was the star of the late 1980s and early 1990s TV show “Horsin’ Around,” but he is now a washed-up junkie who struggles to cope with his addiction and his loved ones. BoJack is trying to regain his happiness and his place in Hollywood because of his troubled past.

The television show discusses depression in a very unique and constructive approach, where he is made to pay for his inappropriate actions and learn from them.

The Queen’s Gambit

A chess genius child from an orphanage is the focus of the Cold War-era television series The Queen’s Gambit. Beth Harmon battles a compulsive need to improve her chess skills and consistently prevail. In addition to her preoccupation with winning, she also uses drugs and alcohol to cope with losses and traumatic experiences from the past.

This Is Us

The show revolves around the three siblings, Kevin, Kate, and Randal. They experience distinct personal problems as they work to find happiness and move on from traumatic pasts at various points in their lives. The television show has six seasons, and each of them is worth watching.

As the adopted son Randal struggles with panic disorder and generalized anxiety, the drama addresses the mental health of men. Therefore, you should watch This Is Us if you want to see a TV show that addresses the mental health of men.

Big Mouth

The television show Big Mouth is an adult animated sitcom that discusses how going through puberty is difficult, even for cartoon characters. Growing up for Andrew is neither simple nor anything short of a horror. In addition, he has a friendship with Nick and Jessi, who start dating.

The show discusses the growing up of the three and how they deal with it. The show is nice and entertaining to watch, and it portrays the reality of an 11-year-old entering secondary school and dealing with various hormonal issues.


Watching Pure is somewhat difficult yet important. Marnie, a young woman, resides in a tiny Scottish town. Marnie frequently experiences invasive sex-related thoughts. She soon relocates to London and tries to come up with a strategy for dealing with her intrusive thoughts. The television show explores in a very humorous manner how Marnie resolves her issue and navigates life in London. The show is both educational and amusing.

Final Thoughts

We suggest viewing TV shows that are instructive, have a strong plot, and are incredibly enjoyable if you dislike wasting time on pointless TV content. The TV shows we have discussed are some of the best ones that have lightly discussed mental health concerns and how to deal with them. So, if you haven’t already, watch these right away.

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