6 Lesser-Known Tips to Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Tape in Hair Extensions

Are you looking to lengthen your hair, give it a little more volume and density, or even add some colour with lowlights, highlights, Ombre, or Balayage- or all three at once for the ideal glow-up?

Well, tape-in hair extensions are a quick, simple, and risk-free approach to achieving the appearance you want and staying up to date with the latest hair colour trends! They come without the hassle of having to wait months for the hair to grow out or the risk of damaging it by colouring or bleaching.

Yes, it’s true that most hair extensions are composed of real human hair and may be maintained just like natural hair. However, there are certain things to remember that will unquestionably assist you in keeping your extensions strong, lustrous, and in like-new condition.

1.    Steer Clear of Silicone-containing Hair Products

This is particularly crucial for shampoos and conditioners. In a nutshell, silicones are harmful to your hair because the thin impermeable layer silicones give your hair makes it feel slippery and aids in detangling.

However, silicone solutions are hard to remove from your hair thoroughly, can make it more difficult for your hair to adhere to extensions, and may cause your locks to feel sticky and weighty.

2.    Avoid Applying Oil-based Products Close to Your Roots

The tape locking your extensions in will begin to dissolve when oils and leave-in treatments are applied close to your roots. This is why keeping oily solutions at or below ear level is crucial.

You’ll be able to delay washes slightly by doing this. It’s acceptable to use an oil-based solution during removal because it works well to dissolve the tape.

3.    Patience is Key!

Please wait for 48 hours before washing your hair following your installation session. For the longest-lasting grip possible, the tape used for holding your hair extensions in requires time to cure fully.

4.    Avoid Over-washing Your Hair

Embrace your new best friend, dry shampoos! The natural oils your scalp creates are stripped when you over-wash your hair. Since you’re massaging and rubbing near the tape bonds, it might also weaken the tape.

5.    Put Your Hair Up in a Braid or Ponytail Before Bed

This serves as a preventive style. You can avoid split ends and frizz by keeping your hair up while you sleep.

This is because friction from brushing your hair against the pillow prevents your hair and hair extensions from becoming tangled and breaking. Additionally, it avoids unnecessary damage to your natural hair caused by the extensions shifting as you sleep.

6.    Never Go to Bed Wearing Wet Extensions

Your locks and the bond between your tape-in hair extensions could be harmed if you go to bed with damp hair.

Make sure to properly dry your hair before going to bed, as damp hair, as well as the tape glue, are both more brittle when they are wet.

In contrast to the others, tape-in extensions are unique. They’re a less stressful alternative to hair extensions for your scalp that are also healthier and safer.

You simply put on extensions like a sticker—a sturdy, non-slip, resilient sticker—instead of stitching in hair strands or fastening them on with some harmful adhesive. And if you take good care of them, you can get them to last up to a year!

What are you still holding out for? Now that you know how to take care of tape in extensions, go on and enjoy these gorgeous strips that have swept the beauty industry!

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