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3 Psychological and Social Benefits of Sport For Children

Sport has many advantages for children. Apart from being a fun activity, it helps develop social skills, self-confidence, and respect for authority. It is also a great way to keep kids busy and improve the community. In addition, playing sports with friends and team members will help them develop new friendships, which can be lifelong. These friendships will also help them grow their social circles outside of school.

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Studies have shown that participation in sports is associated with improved health and a better self-image. The same study found that children who played sport regularly were less likely to experience emotional distress, and they were also less likely to engage in suicidal behaviour. Some children have even reported that playing sport helps them get more exercise, which helps them cope with stress and anxiety. It has also been found that participation in sports contributes to positive attitudes towards life and self-esteem.

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A study published in the Journal of Child Development and Physical Activity reported that a child’s time and effort in sports were associated with improved psychological outcomes. The study also found that the child was more confident, had a healthier self-image, and had a lower risk of substance abuse and emotional distress. There are several other benefits of sport for children. However, the benefits of participation in sports are still far more profound than those of playing a game.

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